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Please take a moment to reflect on the chain of events that led you to read this message.  There is a reason and if you are practicing understanding and awareness, you will seek to learn the reason.  This is an attempt to display truth through symbols.

Happy Birthday Pawboy!

April 19, 2018
Today would have been my father's 88th birthday. "Pawboy" is one of many affectionate nicknames I had for my dad. It was a play on words from the television series in the...
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It's all within

April 18, 2018
All your strength is within. When you seek materiality and ego, you are diminishing your power. Materiality and ego are the distractions that will strengthen your convict...
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God and Nature

April 17, 2018
My attention drifts to the past and the future. My purpose will be fulfilled only in the present. God is of the present. God is not of the past nor future. God is always...
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