Sean "Hurricane" Henehan(non-registered)
Len, Thank you so very much for the wonderful photos at Cotee River. Look forward to meeting with you again. Sean-
rachael ann drawdy(non-registered)
len, you're awesome! rad photos.
Jerry tinker(non-registered)
These pic's are beautiful.i just recently stared taking pics. I don't think I ever them as God as you there beautiful. Enjoyed them very much
David McAlpine, Turtle Dave(non-registered)
Great work. Damn you are talented. Thanks.
Travis Evans(non-registered)

You are truly an artist in every way. You are one of the most gifted photographers on the planet! Amazing work my friend!
Suavo J aka SilkySmooth #GTBB(non-registered)
Had to stop thru to show my support
Lee Shivley(non-registered)
Enjoyed meeting and talking with Sunday at Skippers

Your photos are amazing!
Brittany Johnson(non-registered)
You are such a great and spiritual man! Beautiful photographs and I'm glad you came out to see Zealous Bellus in Portland, ME! I'm glad the Jimi Hendrix pulled you in, because the universe works in mysterious ways! I'm totally going to set you up with my mom! Haha nice meeting you! See you in June hopefully!
waymon ford(non-registered)
Hey len I'm the guy in the boat I was look for the photo's when were in my boat hope all is well take care
great inspiring work Len!

Johnrus - Negril
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