lenphoto513: Blog https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog en-us (C) lenphoto513 (lenphoto513) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:39:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:39:00 GMT https://www.lenphoto513.com/img/s/v-12/u272426582-o679844810-50.jpg lenphoto513: Blog https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog 90 120 Merry Christmas https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog/2019/12/merry-christmas Merry Christmas 2019 Please understand in this moment there is no pain from the moments passed.  There is all possibilities and your choices within will always lead you to greater possibilities if your heart so desires.  When I refer to the vibe, one explanation is it is a continuity of truth that we all seek.  By discarding false notions of the past, we've added to the strength of this moment.  If you feel this Truth, you have more strength for it and your demons will run from that strength.  What comes from the sunset?  What is left at sunrise?  Your body is form is materiality.  Your mind is for understanding.  Your spirit is yours forever.  On the level of materiality, I will give you $300 in this moment.  Will you now dream of gain or giving?  6 random people receiving $50.  For no reason other than Purpose.  We are here to give, to teach and to learn.  With these obligations come every gift of the heart.  If I give you money and I do not ask for anything in return, the value of that money is determined by your actions with it.  A friend named Lauren taught me so much in so short a time.  As is always the case with true spirit.  It was her energy, her Truth that inspired me to understand those saturated in material are so lost yet so seek the Truth.  My message can help and it was the courageousness of Lauren stepping outside of her own heartbreak to listen and grow and ultimately share the answer.  I take Lauren's name for example purposes, it was not her form that struck me.  Her spirit was providing understanding and her level of awareness is of a lifetime.  I met a guy named Matt, a 5 minute encounter in which he told me he watched cardinals through his window.  We are enthralled with Nature, such a great gift from God.  I thank God for the moment and am blessed to serve Him.  All glory to God, I am the form that manifests His will.

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Happy Birthday Pawboy! https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog/2018/4/happy-birthday-pawboy  

Today would have been my father's 88th birthday.  "Pawboy" is one of many affectionate nicknames I had for my dad.  It was a play on words from the television series in the 1970's "The Waltons".  John Boy was the main character and he called his father "paw".  So I combined the two words Paw and Boy, my form of a tribute to the country setting where my father grew up.  He was my hero in many ways and taught me a great deal about the value of humor and awareness.  He was a giving man who had the wisdom of Plato.  My pawboy perished in a fire that consumed my childhood home on Friday May 13, 1994.  I'll write about the fire another day.  There's hardly a moment since that he has not been on my consciousness and he is a guiding force in my sense of obligation to the Truth.  I never questioned God "why".  In the moment I understood that my father had passed, I was keenly aware that I had no desire to question the will of God.  It was the most powerful lesson I've ever had in understanding acceptance.  Acceptance is the root of a peaceful existence within.  I miss my pawboy.  He still laughs in my heart every day.  




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It's all within https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog/2018/4/its-all-within All your strength is within.  When you seek materiality and ego, you are diminishing your power.  Materiality and ego are the distractions that will strengthen your convictions as you recognize their impermanence.  Your reality is your guiding light and it is fed by your faith.  The level of your faith will grow with each moment through understanding and awareness.  Your life is in every moment an infinite collection of possibilities.  Understanding your choices fuels your strength.

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God and Nature https://www.lenphoto513.com/blog/2018/4/god-and-nature  

My attention drifts to the past and the future.  My purpose will be fulfilled only in the present.  God is of the present.  God is not of the past nor future.  God is always in the moment.  When I live in the moment, it brings me closer to God.


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